• How you'll benefit:

    • Two teachers combine their specialties and expertise to optimize your learning experience.

    • For example, if you'd like help with your speaking and listening skills, you'll be exposed to two ways of speaking English, each with a different speed and slight variation in pronunciation.

    • If you're working on writing, two sets of eyes will give you feedback and a diversity of tips and tricks for improving quickly.

  • How it works:

    1. One of English Mobility's highly qualified teachers will teach most of the classes, usually about 75%.

    2. Eric Gellert, English Mobility's founder, will regularly rotate in as a teacher to provide assessments, share his expertise, and answer any and all of your grammar questions.

    3. After each class, both teachers will share notes with each other about how we can continue to give you the best, most customized English classes possible!

  • Pricing: this is currently FREE as an add-on to your program!